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Arts, aristocracy, and graciousness. A legacy of valor combined with a culture steeped in spiritualism, education, and modernism. Kolhapur with its myriad images emerges as a city with a multi-faceted persona and a rich cultural, historical and mythical past. Ancient texts such as the Padmapurana and the Skandapurana speak in glowing terms of Karveer or Dakshin Kashi which is, in fact, modern-day Kolhapur on the banks of river Panchaganga nestling among the Sahyadri ranges. While you are having a visit to the most famous place for tourism in Kolhapur, Stay at the most affordable kolhapur hotels near temple which is Hotel Sham Suman in Kolhapur city. Kolhapur tourism website is at the peak during the festival where all the devotees and the travelers come to visit Kolhapur city and prefer staying in a hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi mandir and so Hotel Sham Suman in Kolhapur is a budget-friendly and the most affordable hotel in Kolhapur city near Kolhapur Railway Station and Kolhapur Highway. The best hotel in Kolhapur also provides the facility of Lodging in Kolhapur. Hotel in Kolhapur are sure to leave a lasting impression on all the guest and Hotel Sham Suman has already raised its standard so high for all the other hotels in Kolhapur.

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A journey through the history reveals that Kolhapur has lived through the regimes of various rulers from the mythical past to the contemporary age. Hotel Sham Suman is the most affordable and the best hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple. The Hindu era remain till 1347, followed by the Muslim rule which went from 1347-1700. The elegant temples of Kolhapur were built during the magnificent periods of the Satavahana kings and the Shilaharas. The Marathas controlled this area from 1700 to 1849. In 1849, the British took over and Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj was installed as the ruler of Kolhapur. We are sure you’d love to stay in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi temple as it is very rich in heritage. This hotel is preferred by all the guest as this hotel is near St Stand, hotel near Kolhapur highway and near the railway station. Hotel Sham Suman in Kolhapur is the best hotel in the entire Kolhapur city. Hotel Sham Suman serves the best facilities and has the best staff who are there to serve you 24/7. Accommodating oneself in the best hotel in Kolhapur is the foremost thought. Hotel Sham Suman in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi also is the reason behind many smiles as we also serve the best and varieties of cuisine as it is the best hotel in Kolhapur, we have to maintain its quality in order to gain Customer Satisfaction. hotel booking in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple has become more swift because of Hotel Sham Suman’s website.