Barkhi Waterfall At Kolhapur


Barki Waterfall is quickly developing as a hot destination for people of Kolhapur & Pune. as another to Amazing destinations like Panhala or Mahabaleshwar ..This scenic destination is placed at Shahuwadi taluka of Kolhapur …A scenic greenway can take you to Barki (50 kilometers of the tar road from Kolhapur) Hotel Sham Suman is the best kolhapur hotel near temple.



There are 5 waterfalls at Barki Village, out of that you'll reach the 2 .. (Remaining 3 are not accessible) Height of waterfalls is about 250~300 feet... Distance between Kolhapur Central Bus Stand and Barki waterfall is 53 kilometer. Hotel Sham Suman is a Kolhapur hotel near st stand.

Experience the Natural Beauty

Barkhi is about 60 kilometer from Kolhapur. The modes of vehicles you'll use are Cars, bikes, and bicycles. the government buses don't seem to be available. though you managed by cars, bikes or bicycle there's nearly 2-3km you've got to cover to achieve the place by walking and whatever u see then is absolutely gorgeous. This place is totally isolated by its natural beauty. It's within the middle of the mountain, water bodies and also the dark trees where even the sun cannot penetrate.