Kalammawadi Dam Kolhapur

Kalammawadi Dam

Kalammawadi dam is the biggest dam in Kolhapur Dist. It’s a build in southwest Kolhapur Radhanagari Taluka. there's a temple of deity Kalamma Devi. conjointly Indian Gour space and large biodiversity place. Kalammawadi Dam is a vast dam within the historic town of Kolhapur and is forged within the arena of Radhanagari Taluka. it's stationed 53 kilometers off from the district headquarters of Kolhapur. best hotel in kolhapur is one and only Hotel Sham Suman


Kalammawadi Dam

In Western India, the Dudhganga may be a Right Bank tributary river of the Krishna. It upsurges in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra within the Western Ghats and glides eastward through Kolhapur district before merging with the Krishna. This Dudhganga river is dammed to fabricate the Kalammawadi Dam that is selected as a significant Hydro power station. hydroelectric power is generated only water flows from the dam to the stream lying below. The possession of the Kalammawadi Dam is within the hands of the Water Resources Department, Government of Maharashtra and is systematically active from the year of 1989. The dam is additionally utilized for irrigational functions so as to boost production in agricultural crops. the facility capability of the dam is 3. 5 MW (2 x 1. 75 MW) whereas the water capability is 679 million m3. The ambiance round the edge of the dam possesses impressive landscapes and is completely rich in diverseness. The verdant hillocks within the scene and the open azure sky beautify the scenery effortlessly. there is conjointly the presence of Indian bison or “Gaur” in and around this place. curiously, a temple is additionally fixated during this reservoir area wherever individuals worship a deity named Kalamma Devi. No wonder, the name of the dam is unbroken after the goddess’s name. hotels near mahalakshmi temple kolhapur are best when it comes to serving their guests.

Best Time to visit

Visitors will ideally pay an hour or half on their visit to Kalammawadi Dam. If you're seeking peace and looking forward to a remote place, then this place is most undoubtedly for you. However, the most effective time to go to Kalammawadi Dam is within the Monsoon months of July, August, and September to witness the dam in full flow. it's suggested to take a visit to the dam from timings 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.