Tembalai alias Tryamboli Temple Kolhapur


Situated atop a hill, Temblai Tryamboli temple honors deity Renuka. A tank Tarkateertha accustomed be placed nearby and continues to be partially visible. it's currently referred to as Takala. The idol within the temple is alleged to be Swayambhu (self-manifested) and made of black stone. The idol has its back turned towards the Mahalaxmi temple and there's an interesting legend to clarify this. it's aforesaid that Renuka and Mahalaxmi were sisters. Renuka helped Mahalaxmi defeat the demons, however, after the war, Mahalaxmi failed to accord due respect to Renuka, due to the fact that she got angry and settled on this hill. this is often why her idol faces the east whereas that of Mahalaxmi faces the west. an enormous idol of Lord Ganesh has been put in at the middle of the hilltop and a garden has additionally been developed at the spot. The view of the town from the peak is kind of magnificent. Hotel Sham Suman is the best kolhapur hotel near temple.

Palanquin of Mahalaxmi

On the tiny hill close to old Pune - Bangalore road, there's a temple of the Tembalai immortal. ' Tembalami ' divinity is the younger sister of Mahalaxmi. it's same that because of a quarrel with Mahalaxmi she left Kolhapur and stayed here by keeping back towards Mahalaxmi. each year on ' Ashwin Shudh Panchami ' Mahalaxmi is taken through palanquin for meeting Tembalai deity. hotel booking in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple has become more swift because of Hotel Sham Suman’s website.