Kaneri Math Kolhapur


Kaneri math could be a must-visit once you are in Kolhapur. meet seven acres, the depository displays village life or ‘Gramjivan’ through 300 lovely life-size cement sculptures. each side of daily activities within the village has been stunningly represented through nearly 80 scenes. many of the museum’s sculptures showcase the self-sufficing village life in Maharashtra, before the invasion of the Mughals, once there were 12 Balutedars (artisan castes) and eighteen Alutedars. This initiative was the dream of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and was created through the vision and efforts of Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation. Hotel Sham Suman is the best kolhapur hotel near temple.

Museum and Different Attractions


The depository additionally showcases sculptures of nice ancient Indian scientists, mathematicians, doctors & surgeons. a large sculpture of Lord Shiva is one in every of the most highlights of this place. once visiting the depository, you will meditate within the meditation hall and take in the divine atmosphere at the Shiva temple. enclosed by lush foliage, the Kaneri math is that the excellent place to relax with family. additionally to the fantastic museum, this place has several different attractions for teenagers together with a train ride and a 7D show. hotel kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple is the most affordable kolhapur hotel near temple.

Accommodations Here

The temple premises have ample parking keep. there's additionally accommodation within the complicated, where you'll keep night long or for some of the days. A utility runs to and fro, from the lodgings to the maths. The temple serves ‘Prasad’ or free meals to devotees and guests on a daily basis. Hotel Sham Suman is the best kolhapur hotel near temple. hotel booking in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple has become more swift because of Hotel Sham Suman’s website.