Vishalgad Pavankhind Kolhapur

Vishalgad Pavankhind

The Vishalgad Pavankhind Fort is located 76 kilometer North West of the region of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. it's some 60km north-west of the famed Panhala Fort. The place is yet again some 21 kilometers south of the Kolhapur Ratnagiri road. The fort relies on the hills. These hills divide the region into 2 parts that are particularly the Anaskura Ghat and also the Amba Ghat.


Vishalgad Pavankhind

The Vishalgad Fort relies on the Sahyadri ranges and also the Konkan region. this is why this hill fort did have vast strategic importance within the history once this fort was considered to be a watchtower that did enable a proper vigilance on both the regions. This fort is one in all the foremost famed forts that existed throughout the reign and therefore the times of Shivaji, thus it's an area of immense tourist attraction. The place is considered to be one in all the favorite obligatory spots that are enclosed for tourism purposes. hotel booking in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple has become more swift because of Hotel Sham Suman’s website.

Strategy That paid Off


It speaks of the heritage and therefore the ancient traditions of the days of the Marathas. The fort originally was beneath Adilshah of Bijapur. Shivaji for long had his eyes set on the fort but couldn't conquer the fort because of its difficult terrain. In fact, Shivaji conjointly did attack the fort, however in vain. it had been finally through an idea wherever many of Marathas went up to the Adilshahi commander and convinced him that they needed to hitch Adilshah against Shivaji as they weren't happy within the rule of the latter. The set up paid off and the Marathas were granted entry inside the fort. Once inside the fort, the Marathas declared revolt and amidst the chaos that was created within the fort, Shivaji attacked the fort from outside together with his forces. This was an idea that did pay off. Shivaji and the Marathas were booming in capturing the fort. Hotel Sham Suman is the best kolhapur hotel near temple.

How to Reach Vishalgad

The fort of Vishalgad is in a location which will be reached via the road and conjointly by flight. The fort is connected to the town of Kolhapur that's the closest depot. One also can reach the fort through flight in which case Pune happens to be the closest airport from the Vishalgad. The fort is open on all days of the week and conjointly the weekend. The day hours are the causative time for visiting the place. This ensures that the tourists get a correct look into the fort and its heritage and conjointly their own safety is ensured. hotel booking in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple has become more swift because of Hotel Sham Suman’s website.