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Panhala Fort Kolhapur

Panhala fort is also called Panhalgad, Pahala and Panalla (literally "the home of serpents"), is located in Panhala, 20 Kms northwest of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India. It's strategically placed attempting over a pass within the Sahyadri range of mountains that was a significant trade route from Bijapur within the inside of Maharashtra,

Mahalakshmi Temple Kolhapur

The Shri Mahalakshmi Jain (Ambabai) Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India, is one in every of the foremost far-famed temples of Jainism and Hinduism of the state. placed on the banks of the Panchganga river, it's concerning 156 miles (252km) south of Pune. You will love to stay close by the temple.

Vishalgad, Pavankhind Kolhapur

The Vishalgad Pawankhind Fort is located 76 kilometer North West of the region of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. it's some 60km north-west of the famed Panhala Fort. The place is yet again some 21 kilometers south of the Kolhapur Ratnagiri road. The fort relies on the hills. These hills divide the region into 2 parts that are

Kopeshwar Shiva Temple Kolhapur

The Gorgeous Kopeshwar Temple At Khidrapur, Kolhapur situated on the banks of the Krishna river and right on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Kopeshwar temple at Khidrapur could be a stunning reminder of what our ancestors left back for us as cultural, spiritual and architectural heritage.Kopeshwar Temple close to

Bahubali Temple Kolhapur

Kumbhoj is that the name of an ancient town set 8 km far away from Hatkanangale city in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. A 28 – feet tall stone sculpture of Bahubali stands 2 kilometers far away from Kumbhoj town.According to mythology, an ascetic saint Shri bahubali Maharaj lived here nearly 250 years agone

New Palace Kolhapur

New Palace, Kolhapur could be a palace located in Kolhapur, within the Indian state of Maharashtra. it absolutely was made between 1877–1884. Being a superb specimen of Indian design built in black polished stone, it's been an attraction for tourists. When you visit this rich heritage place you have to make

Dajipur Bison Sanctuary Kolhapur

There is no doubt in the indisputable fact that the Radhanagari and Dajipur wildlife sanctuary Kolhapur is one amongst the simplest attractions within the town. it had been established within the year 1958 and since then innumerable tourists are reported to go to the place each year. The sanctuary is placed on

Bhavani Mandap Kolhapur

This is a historical building located in close proximity to the known Mahalaxmi Temple, within the walled precincts of Kolhapur town. though smaller in size than the Mahalaxmi Temple however the Bhavani Mandap has great spiritual significance for the devout as it is the temple of deity Tulja Bhavani.

Shalini Palace Kolhapur

Shalini Palace within the town of Kolhapur within the Indian state of Maharashtra was built in 1931-34 at a value of Rs. 800,000 and was named once princess Shalini Raje of Kolhapur. The Palace stands on the west bank of the picturesque Lake Rankala (which features a circumference of 2.5 miles (4.0 km))

Town Hall Museum Kolhapur

This stately neo-gothic structure inbuilt 1872-76 by Charles Mant may be a museum displaying artifacts from the Satavahana period discovered in excavations at close Bramhapuri Hill. the traditional artifacts embrace figurines of the Greek god Poseidon, riders on an elephant, and a medallion with

Motibag Talim Kolhapur

Despite being renowned for its spicy food and decorative footwear, Kolhapur has another massive story to inform to the world…the renowned story of ancient wrestling. In and around Maharashtra and its surrounding states, Kolhapur remained a synonym of wrestling thanks to those renowned Akharas(Talim)

Shivaji University kolhapur

Shivaji University was established in 1962, is in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. The university's campus is 853 acres (3.4519 km2) and is called after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, founding father of the Maratha Empire. it had been inaugurated on 18 November 1962 by Radhakrishnan, the then president of India. Yashwantrao Chavan and

Khasbag Talim kolhapur

Rajashri Shahu Khasbag wrestling ground is on the westside of Keshavrao Bhosale Drama theatre...It is used for wrestling competitions close the most westing area there's open space for 15 to 2000 spectators. There are a total of 5 gates for getting in this wrestling ground. On the east side of the bottom.

Giroli Tourist Park kolhapur

Giroli village is found in Panhala Tehsil of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra, India. it's placed 13km far from sub-district headquarter Panhala and 20km away from district headquarter Kolhapur. Giroli village is additionally a gram panchayat.Giroli tourist Park conjointly referred to as Giroli Peacock Park,is located in Kolhapur.

Barkhi kolhapur

Barki Waterfall is quickly developing as a hot destination for people of Kolhapur & Pune. as another to Amazing destinations like Panhala or Mahabaleshwar ..This scenic destination is placed at Shahuwadi taluka of Kolhapur …A scenic greenway can take you to Barki (50 kilometers of the tar road from Kolhapur) There are

Ramtirth, Ajara kolhapur

Also, it's well known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Ramtirth waterfall, located on the banks of Hiranyakeshi river, is simply 2 kilometers aloof from the city Ajara. The waterfall here comes into bloom in monsoons. the most feature of the waterfall is it never dried.The city Ajara could be a historic situated in Kolhapur

Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur

Radhanagari Dam was engineered by Shahuji Maharaj, the ruler of Kolhapur and spreads across a district of 1,1000 hectares. The dam has been inbuilt with the aim of providing irrigation water and electricity. The hydroelectric project produces 10 MW of electricity annually. The dam is home to a number of the rarest

Kalammawadi Dam Kolhapur

Kalammawadi dam is the biggest dam in Kolhapur Dist. It’s a build in southwest Kolhapur Radhanagari Taluka. there's a temple of deity Kalamma Devi. conjointly Indian Gour space and large biodiversity place. Kalammawadi Dam is a vast dam within the historic town of Kolhapur and is forged within the arena

Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur

This temple is ensconced on a hill at a height of 3124 feet on top of sea level, 18 kilometers to the north-west of Kolhapur town. Legend states that 3 gods took the form of Jyotiba to destroy the evil demon Ratnasur who was terrorizing the region. Jyotiba, the amalgamation of the souls (Jyotish) of 3 deities- Brahma,

Narasimhawadi Temple Kolhapur

Narasimhawadi may be a famed journeying place in Kolhapur district. Narasimhawadi is that the capital of Datta devotees. This non secular place is settled on the sacred confluence of Krishna and Panchganga rivers at a distance of 45Km from Kolhapur. Swayambhu Paduka of Dattaguru is idolised daily.

Kashi Vishveshwar Temple Kolhapur

It stands previous to the compilation of 'Karveer-Mahatmya'. it's within the premises of 'Ghati-Darvaja' to the north of Mahalaxmi Mandir. The 'Pinda' (round-oblong stone) is termed Kashi Vishweshwar. The 'Karveer-Mahatmya' says that it absolutely was visited by sage Agasti, Lopamudra, King Pralhada & King Indrasen once, before the

Katyayani Devi Temple Kolhapur

She has 18 or 10 hands or 4 hands additionally. this is generally the second name given for spiritual being Anapurna Or Adi Parashakti in Amarakosha, the Indic lexicon (Goddess Annapurna Names - "Uma Katyayani Gauri Kali Haimavathi Ishwari"). In Shaktism she is related to the fierce forms of Shakti or Durga

Tembalai alias Tryamboli Temple Kolhapur

Situated atop a hill, Tembalai alias Tryamboli temple honors deity Renuka. A tank Tarkateertha accustomed be placed nearby and continues to be partially visible. it's currently referred to as Takala. The idol within the temple is alleged to be Swayambhu (self-manifested) and made of black stone. The idol has its back turned

Kaneri Math Kolhapur

Kaneri math could be a must-visit once you are in Kolhapur. meet seven acres, the depository displays village life or ‘Gramjivan’ through 300 lovely life-size cement sculptures. each side of daily activities within the village has been stunningly represented through nearly 80 scenes. many of the museum’s sculptures

Shankaracharya Cloister (Math) Kolhapur

Kaneri scientific discipline or Siddhagiri Gramjivan museum is set at Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri math within the village of Kaneri, concerning 26 kilometre off from Kolhapur and around 241 km away from Pune. a stimulating sculpture depository, the Kaneri math is close inside the complicated of the Moola-Kaadsiddheswar.

Rankala lake Kolhapur

Hard to believe however this lake started off as a stone quarry. within the 9th Century AD, an earthquake created a structural shift and underground water flooded the quarry changing it into a natural lake. The lake takes its name from the Ranka Bhairav temple that is believed to be The submerged

kalamba lake Kolhapur

Love for nature and its essence grow step by step within me whenever I wander the places of interest like Kalamba Lake Kolhapur. when a protracted journey through books and therefore the city’s active life, I finally got the cup of my tea. These were the lake read and therefore the rare birds’ species

Panchganga Kolhapur

Panchganga could be a renowned water-body within the Indian town of Kolhapur. it's a significant river and a tributary of the river Krishna that flows through the borders of Kolhapur and is created by the opposite four rivers. These rivers are referred to as Kasari, Kumbhi, Tulsi, and Bhagwati. it's a significant

Gandharva Resort Kolhapur

All this makes Gandharva a perfect place to interrupt the journey on the long route to recharge mind-body for heading towards a destination. It's a very playful park near the best and affordable hotel in Kolhapur and you must visit the best hotel in Kolhapur to go around and see some popular Kolhapur tourism places

Dream world water park Kolhapur

This is another preferred water park in Kolhapur. This has the best water slides for the kids and adults and is near the best hotel in Kolhapur. This waterpark has amazing and delicious serving food. They also have rain dance where everyone dances on the beats of the songs which is operated by the Dj himself.

Kent Club at Sadale Madale Village kolhapur

Explore the bequest of the physical artifacts of Kolhapur at Kent Club Resort. an ideal destination for each tourist and students, this resort widens your knowledge. Kent Club is snuggled on the Hill slopes of the Sahyadri range that gives a glimpse into the proud Maratha heritage. Visit Kent Club and obtain

Sidhagiri Wax Museum kolhapur

A unique project, maybe the sole project in India placed at Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math, Kaneri, Tal. Karveer, Dist. Kolhapur. The place is close to Kolhapur town on Pune Bangalore route. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri science includes a history of over one thousand years and may be a holy place of worship of

Shivtej Water Park And Museum Kolhapur

Shivtej Shivsrushti & Waterpark may be near to nature within the Sahyadri ranges and may be a good place to relish Holidays and an area wherever you'll get peace of mind. Shivtej Shivsrushti simply|is simply} seven km far from the Fort Panhala and just 4 km far from Lord Jyotiba Temple on the means route